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    I am sorry but this is pathetic.

    I want to run OpenFOAM on a Windows machine because I write software and a Windows machine is a computer. From my 25+ years of experience I have learned that porting (my) code to new systems makes it better and teaches me something new, just like a new compiler finds new errors and writes interesting warnings.

    This is why we run FOAM on Solaris, Dec-Alpha, IBM, Cray, NEC, Hitachi and whatever other tin can had a C++ compiler that could handle templates from the very early days of development (done on SGI IRIX, which is now conveniently dead). I do not remember meeting you EVER in Room 600 at Imperial College, meaning that you are not really qualified to speak historically.

    There are ZERO technical obstacles for OpenFOAM running on Windows and complaining that one fining system is slower than the other is just poor taste. My computer is faster than yours but that does not make you stupid or less worthy. We all live within the limitations we have.

    Once you start talking to big multinational companies, you will find that their IT departments (for good or bad reasons) SPECIFY which hardware and software shall be used by 100,000 employees world-wide and you (or a poor CFD engineer) has no say. This is now Wikki ported foam-extend natively onto Windows. Maintaining it is no issue, not to mention that I can now have 30+ students show up in my CFD class and run natively the code I write on whatever hardware they happen to have.

    Remember: the code user is a customer and the customers KNOWS what needs to be done.

    By the way - when you finish your PhD and start looking for a job, just tell your future potential employer on a job interview that you do not wish to work with a Windows computer - and you will soon keep sheep on a mountain somewhere.

    Hrvoje Jasak


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