• 我在epsilonWallFunction中的calculate()定义中发现了如下代码:

            if (lowReCorrection_ && yPlus < yPlusLam_)
                epsilonc = w*2.0*k[celli]*nuw[facei]/sqr(y[facei]);
                Gc = 0;


  • 目前我没细看这部分代码不确定,单纯从你贴的代码上来看是的,

  • 在头文件找到了描述:The low-Re correction is activated by setting the entry lowReCorrection to 'on'; in this mode the model switches between laminar and turbulent functions based on the laminar-to-turbulent y+ value derived from kappa and E. When the lowReCorrection is inactive, the wall function operates in high-Re mode.可能是在constant文件里使用这epsilonWallFunction的时候能够选择打不打开LowRe

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