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    Dear Chinese CFDers,

    I would like to share some good news with you. Prof. Wioletta Podgórska just released a new book entitled Multiphase Particulate Systems in Turbulent Flows: Fluid-Liquid and Solid-Liquid Dispersions.

    I have known Prof. Podgórska since 2014, when we started our close collaboration on modeling of liquid-liquid dispersions using CFD-PBM. At that time, I was in Torino and was supervised by Prof. Daniele Marchisio, who has built a strong scientific connection with Prof. Podgórska. I joined their research at the early stage, and we have a fruitful results after I left. Prof. Podgórska is definitely an expert in multiphase particulate systems. In our collaboration, she provided strong support on the theory/explanation of the liquid-liquid coalescence and breakage modeling. The multifractal coalescence and breakage kernel she developed is definitely one of the most popular kernel in the community of multiphase system. Of course, she was also an expert in turbulent mixing mechanisms, dispersion processes, population balance equations and others.

    As far as I know, Prof. Podgórska prepared to write this book three years ago. She used a lot of effort to make this book elegant, illuminating, and friendly to users. I am sure that this book is definitely helpful to those who working on multiphase system. Do not hesitate to buy one.

    I already ordered one copy, and I would like to share my reading experience after I got it.


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    You can order it here:


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