Fluent 层流的壁面粗糙度的设置

  • 如题,湍流标准k-e模型中,可以有roughness wall的设置,但是选择层流模型后,壁面选项中就没有这一项了。

  • 这算是一个悖论,如果有roughness 的话,很难说不是湍流。
    根据fluent user guide
    Fluid flows over rough surfaces are encountered in diverse situations. Examples are, among many others,
    flows over the surfaces of airplanes, ships, turbomachinery, heat exchangers, and piping systems, and
    atmospheric boundary layers over terrain of varying roughness. Wall roughness affects drag (resistance)
    and heat and mass transfer on the walls.
    If you are modeling a turbulent wall-bounded flow in which the wall roughness effects are considered
    to be significant, you can include the wall roughness effects through the law-of-the-wall modified for

    层流的时候,如果真的要考虑粗糙度的话,有个笨办法: 1,几何模型修改-网格修改-体现粗糙度。
    low Reynolds number modifications have been proposed by Wilcox for the k- model and are available
    in ANSYS Fluent.

  • 谢谢你的建议,我尝试一下:quwan:

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