div(phi,U) 中 filteredLinear类疑惑

  • Divergence scheme 中的 filteredLinear, filteredLinear2, filteredLinear2V 有什么区别吗?
    如果想设置 div(phi,U) 为这类 scheme, 用哪个最优呢? 谢谢~

  • 还没用过这俩个格式 :quwan:

  • @东岳

    在rhoPimpleFoam/LES/pitzDaily 算例里找到了这个应用,

     Second order
     Attempts to limit the unboundedness of the linear scheme
    The scheme is specified using:
        default         none;
        div(phi,U)      Gauss filteredLinear2 <k> <l>;
    ---Where the coefficients
    --k: Scales the rate at which the correction is applied
    0 : linear
    1 : fully limited
    --l: Maximum allowed overshoot/undershoot relative to the difference across the face.
    0 : no overshoot/undershoot
    1 : overshoot/undershoot equal to the difference across the face

    对于矢量时候 用filteredLinear2V, 求解出来流场的unboundedness 介于 Gauss Linear (unbounded) Gauss GammaV (bounded)中间

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