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  • 有人在用OpenFOAM + Cantera来计算化学反应吗,我现在在搞这个,有的话交流一下? 还有请教一个问题,OpenFOAM中化学反应是不是不能是定常的?

  • C++
    If you find that you need full access to the internals of Cantera, or want to extend and customize Cantera, then C++ is the language for you. Most of Cantera is itself written in C++, and so C++ application programs have more direct access to Cantera’s core functionality than do programs written in other languages, which access Cantera through a library of C-like functions. From C++, you can implement new equations of state, new models for transport properties, and many other things that simply can’t be done through the other language interfaces. If you are doing substantial code development with Cantera, rather than simply using it to solve a few problems, then you will probably want to use it from C++.


  • @cfd-china 是可以实现的 国外有一个OpenFOAM Extend 1.5 + Cantera 1.8的,不过我还没有调试成功,我用的是Extend 3.2的。

  • @supersoldier 请问用Cantera计算化学是有什么优势吗?

  • @浪迹天大 说是速度和精度要高一些,还可以进行显焓分析等,可以看一下这本论文的第五章。 Implementation and Validation of a Solver for Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Reacting Flows in OpenFOAM

    我研究的问题是一个气固两个域耦合问题,在气相中有化学反应。在迭代耦合边界满足温度和热流密度守恒时,化学反应计算出现了问题,所以研究一下这个方法是否可行。昨天刚把OpenFOAM-Extend1.5 + Cantera1.8的编译成功,看能不能改写到extend 3.2版本的。 要是能要到上面论文里的代码就好了,他是2.0版本的,改起来就快了。

  • 据我所知cantera的OpenFOAM API已经很久没有更新了,如果能移植到extend 3.2版本,麻烦楼主务必分析一下啊

  • 楼主将cantera移植到最新OpenFOAM的努力成功了吗?还望分享

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