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  • 管理员

    List 18

    • favorable
      Her attitude towards the plan is favorable
    • feat
    • feeble
      Braid was ill and too feeble to stand up
    • fierce
      His fierce dog bit an innocent boy
      In the fierce fighting the wounded refused to leave the battle
    • finding
      Our latest findings were presented in the meeting
    • flap
      Dont get in flap when you encounter terrorist attack
    • flare out
    • flatter
      flatter remarks
      Most women enjoy being flattered by the men
    • flesh
      Chicken’s flesh
    • fling
      Dont fling your clothes at the sofa! Hanp them up
      He fling a cup at her
    • flourish
      Plants will not flourish without water
    • fore ahead
      The captain went fore to check the direction
    • forge fake
      Jimmy forged his father’s name on the check

  • 管理员

    List 21

    • habitat
      Reservoir will create a perfect habitat for snails
    • hail
      下冰雹,It hailed last night
      向…欢呼,He hailed me on the other side of the street
    • halt
      come to a halt,止步不前,His car comes to a sudden halt outside his room
    • handicap
      A minor handicap can not hamper her step forward
    • hardship
      No matter what hardships face me, I endure!!
    • harness
      harness the river, harness the nuclear energy
    • harsh
      harsh remarks, harsh realities
    • haste,hasty
      eat a hasty lunch, a hasty kiss, make haste
    • hatch
    • hazard
      noise hazard
    • hedge
    • hemisphere
      the northern hemisphere
    • heritage
      historical heritage, cultural heritage
    • hitherto

  • 管理员

    List 40

    • secure
      adj: 安全的 safe Make sure our network is secure
      vt. 获得独立 Hongkong secured its independence in 1997
    • segregate
    • sensation
      感觉,直觉 He lost all the sensation after the horrible accident
      轰动一时的事情 The prominent politician was quite a sensation at the banquet
      become a sensation
      cause a sensation
    • sentiment
      formal, an opinion or feeling you have about something
      Similar sentiments were expressed by many politicians
      We share the same sentiments about…
      feelings of pity, love, sadness etc that are often considered to be too strong or not suitable for a particular situation
      There’s no place for sentiment in business!
    • setting
      底座 The diamond was held in a gold setting
    • sew
    • shabby
      Play a shabby trick
    • sham pretend
    • shatter
      shatter his collarbones
      shatter the dream of peace
    • shear
      修剪草坪 shear a lawn
      理发 shear his hair
    • sheer
      By sheer chance 纯属巧合
      By sheer luck 纯靠运气
    • shiver
      A cool breeze makes him shiver
    • shorthand
      速记 make a shorthand
    • shrewd
      good at judging what people or situations are really like
      A shrewd businessman
    • shrug

  • 管理员

    List 22

    • holder
      持有者 patent holder 专利持有者
    • hum
      He began to hum a song
      if a place hums, it is full of activity - use this to show approval [↪ busy]:
      By nine o’clock, the restaurant was humming
    • hurl
      Jim gathered the books and hurled them on the floor
      hurling abuse, hurling insults
      He was accused of hurling abuse at the referee
    • hurricane
    • hypocrisy
      When his private letters were made public, they revealed his hypocrisy
    • hysterical
      He became hysterical and began screaming
    • identify recognize
      He was too far away to be able to recognize his face
      identify poverty with crime and social problems
    • ideology
    • ignorance dont’t know
      Excuse my ignorance, but how does it works?
      We are in complete ignorance of his thoughts
      our ignorance of the true situation
    • illiterate
    • illustrate
      To illustrate my point…
      Illustrate her discussion with diagrams
    • imaginary
    • immense

  • 管理员

    List 43

    • statue['stætʃu:] sculpture
    • status ['steitəs]
      marital status
      status report on foreign affairs
    • statute ['stætʃu:t]
      The statute did not meet the State’s goal
    • stem stem from 起源于 发生于
      His cancer stem from smoking
    • stern strict, serious
      ’Wait!’ I shouted in my sternest voice
      stern look/expression/voice
    • steward ['stu:ərd]
      Has the steward clean our cabin yet?
    • stimulate stimulation
      stimulate sb’s interest
    • stool
    • stoop
      弯腰,You have to stoop down to tie your shoes
    • straw
    • strenuous
      needing a lot of effort or strength
      a strenuous climb
      The doctor advised Ken to avoid strenuous exercise.
    • stretch
      stretch your feet 伸出双脚 He stretch his feet to the heater
    • strife conflict
      political strife
    • strive try
      formal:to make a great effort to achieve something
      strive to do something, strive for/after
      We must continue to strive for greater efficiency
    • stroll
    • stubborn
    • stumble
      stumble across
    • stun
      The resignation of Brady stun the political world
    • submerge
    • subordinate
      subordinate officer
      These aims were subordinate to the main aims of the mission
    • subsidy
      trade subsidy
      subsidy for home applicants
    • substitute
      substitute bf
    • subtle not obvious
      The pictures are similar, but there are subtle differences between them
      The warning signs of the disease are so subtle that they are often ignored
    • suburb

    difficult to do: hard, tough, challenging, daunting
    difficult and needing a lot of physical effort: tough, strenuous, back-breaking, gruelling, arduous, punishing
    difficult to deal with or talk about: tricky, awkward, delicate, sensitive, touchy
    words for describing a difficult person: awkward, trying
    words for describing difficult conditions: adverse, hostile

    stroll in a relaxed way for pleasure
    wander with no aim or direction
    stride in a confident or angry way
    march soldiers
    hike for long distances in the countryside or the mountains
    tiptoe very quietly
    wade through water
    stagger in an unsteady way because you are drunk or injured
    limp with difficulty because one leg is painful or injured

  • 管理员

    List 23

    • impair
      Too long jogging can impair your lungs
    • impart
      The good tutor not only impart knowledge but also morals to his students
    • imperative
      It was absolutely imperative that he speak with you right away
      It was imperative to meet the client face to face
    • impetus
      The discovery gave fresh impetus to the research
    • impulse
      a sudden strong desire to do something without thinking about whether it is a sensible thing to do
      He couldn’t resist the impulse to kiss her
      a sudden impulse to laugh
      buy sth. on impulse 冲动购物
    • incentive
      something that encourages you to work harder, start a new activity
      Awards provide an incentive for young people to improve their skills
    • impose
      征税 impost a tax on food
    • indignant
      She was indignant at the way her child had been treated
    • indispensable
      This book is indispensable to anyone interested in CFD
    • infer
      I infer from your letter that you have not made your mind yet
    • inference
      We drew the inference that Jim was satisfied with the exam
      by inference 根据推断
    • ingenious
      Many fish have ingenious ways of protecting their eggs from the predators
      an ingenious device
    • inherent
      Im afraid the problems you mention are inherent in the system
      Personality is to a large extent inherent
    • inhibit
      An unhappy family may inhibit children’s learning
      Childhood infections will inhibit the development of brain cells

  • 管理员

    List 29

    • monotonous
      A monotonous diet
      give up this monotonous work
    • monument
    • morality
      sexual morality
      public/personal morality
      conventional/traditional morality
    • mortgage loan ['mɔ:gidʒ]
      Those graduates had to take out a loan to buy a house in Beijing
      They’ve taken out a 30 year mortgage
      vt. 抵押出去
      Now my houses and lands are all mortgaged
    • motive
      the reason that makes someone do something, especially when this reason is kept hidden
      What do you suppose the killer’s motive was?
      motive for (doing) something
      The police believe the motive for this murder was jealousy
    • mourn
      We mourn the passing of a great man
    • multitude formal
      A multitude of somebody/something
    • municipal
      municipal waste
    • murmur 小声说 murmur against = mutter 咕哝 抱怨
    • necessitate
      to make it necessary for you to do something
      Lack of money necessitated a change of plan
      The increase of food price necessitate a change in our burget
      necessitate doing something
      This would necessitate interviewing all the staff
    • necessity
      the necessities of life
      water and air are necessities of life

  • 管理员

    List 39

    • rotary
      The stir stopped its rotary motion because of the failure of power
    • roundabout
      It’s a roundabout way of telling us to leave
    • rouse
      His banging roused the neighbours
      to make someone start doing something, especially when they have been too tired or unwilling to do it
      a campaign designed to rouse the younger generation to action
    • routine
      常规的 adj
      I have some few routine questions
    • ruby
    • rust
      Stainless steel does not rust
    • sack

      a sack of apple
    • sacred [ˈsekrɪd]
      a sacred vow
      Certain animals were considered sacred
    • salvation
      The drug treatment program was his only salvation
      The internet turned out to be the salvation of the company
    • sanction
      国际制裁 复数
      Economic sanctions
      impose sanctions of entertainment on North Korean
      批准 不可数
      I got the official sanction to meet with the mayor
    • sane insane
    • sarcastic [sɑ:rˈkæstɪk]
      Was she being sarcastic?
      His sarcastic comments insult John
    • saturate [ˈsætʃəˌret]
      formal to make sth very wet
      Water saturated the carpet
      to put a lot of something into a particular place, especially so that you could not add any more
      Our culture is saturated with phones
    • scrape
      The earth on the carrot was scraped away
      刮伤 vt
      I scraped my knee
      scrape on my face
    • scratch



  • 管理员

    List 7

    • canteen
    • captive
    • cardinal
    1. very important or basic Having clean hands is one of the cardinal rules when preparing food.
    2. 红衣主教
    • carrier
      HIV carrier
    • cast
    1. to provide new information about something, making it easier to understand:
      Research findings that cast new light on the origin of our universe
      The numerous biographies of Baldwin cast little light on the subject.
    2. 全体演员
      The audience were on their feet when the cast came out to take their bows
    • cater
      cater for
      to provide and serve food and drinks at a party, meeting etc, usually as a business
      This is the biggest event that we’ve ever catered for
      The restaurant caters for veggies and those with a sweet tooth
    • cathedral
    • cease
      formal to stop doing something or stop happening
      He ceased to be a member of the association
      The peace plan is calling for a cease of fire between the countries
    • cellar
    • cement
      Hoping to cement the friendship, I invited Chris on a vacation with my gf
    • census
    • cereal
    • charter
      national charter
    • choke
      He choked on a piece of bread
      The smoking is choking me

  • 管理员

    List 13

    • desolate
    • despair n. vi. desperate adj.
      a feeling that you have no hope at all
      drive sb. to despair
      对某人感到绝望 despair of sb.
      My teacher began to despair of me
    • dispatch
      formal 为了特定的目的send某人或某物到某地
      Dispatch several officers to Beijing
    • despise
      I despise all cowards
    • detain
    • deteriorate
      cause the leather to deteriorate
    • deviate
      deviate from the truth
      deviate from the original plan
    • dictate dictation
      The boss dictate the plan to us
      She is dictating a plan to her secretary
    • diminish
    • discern
      to notice or understand something by thinking about it carefully
      Officials were keen to discern how much public support there was
      I would discern what his heart and soul were like
    • discourse
      I felt at home in this kind of discourse
      a discourse on art
    • discreet
      I stood back at a discreet distance
      Reporters asked some discreet questions
    • discrepancy
      a difference between two amounts, details, reports etc that should be the same
      Police found discrepancies in the two men’s reports


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