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    us + sy + ni 才是下面的CPU占用率

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    ni 这个是什么?

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    man top

           Line 2 shows CPU state percentages based on the interval since the last refresh.
           As a default, percentages for these individual categories are displayed.  Where two labels are shown below, those for more recent kernel versions are shown first.
               us, user    : time running un-niced user processes
               sy, system  : time running kernel processes
               ni, nice    : time running niced user processes
               id, idle    : time spent in the kernel idle handler
               wa, IO-wait : time waiting for I/O completion
               hi : time spent servicing hardware interrupts
               si : time spent servicing software interrupts
               st : time stolen from this vm by the hypervisor

    niced user process 表示优先级较高的用户进程。

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